Decanting is the act of transferring the liquid from one vessel to another. A fragrance decant is created by transferring the scent from its original design house bottle into a sterile sample atomizer. Decants allow you to try a variety of genuine fragrances at an affordable price. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler in need of a few sample sized items to travel with, an avid fragrance collector, or someone just starting to indulge in the world of fragrances, we guarantee to exceed your expectations in the world of decants.


 Decants are an easy way to experience a fragrance before committing to a full bottle purchase. Sampling gives you the opportunity to test a particular scent throughly so you can make a conscious decision when you decide to make the purchase for an often expensive fragrance bottle. For the price of a single retail fragrance bottle you can buy several decants of similarly priced fragrances and compare them so you can find that special fragrance for years to come.




 Our samples and decants are handmade and hand poured from the original bottle of perfume using sterile syringes and then transferred into sterile glass bottles with atomizers. You will not receive a licensed product in a licensed bottle. However, you will receive the original perfume in one of our custom labeled bottles of the size of your choice. We are not affiliated with the manufacturer of the perfume in any manner but we promise to always respect the artist behind each fragrance by passing their work to you in a 100% unadulterated way.  We will NEVER sell fakes, copies, dupes or diluted products. 

DISCLAIMER: The Scent Masters is a wholly independent and separate entity from the manufacturers and brand owners of the designer fragrances we offer. The Scent Masters asserts that the contents are genuine product independently rebottled and repackaged by our store located at: 35 So. Willowdale Drive Suite 120, Lancaster, PA 17602. The Scent Masters is not associated in any way with the brand, designer or designer's manufacturer, and we have no contract or agreement authorizing us to rebottle or repackage the fragrance.